Quality Control

Quality Control

HP 65xl Combo Pack DoorStepInk

Planet Green's DoorStepInk brand remanufactured inkjet cartridges epitomize the quality and performance that our customers expect and count on. The DoorStepInk brand conveys a clear cut message of high standards with a commitment to environmental responsibility.

DoorStepInk Cartridges are the result of continuous investment, improvement, and advancement of our employees, technology, systems, and procedures as well as today's customer's expectations. We are tireless in discovering and innovating new ways to produce a better inkjet cartridge, and DoorStepInk ink cartridges are a result of that effort.


DoorStepInk Ink cartridges provide consistent and reliable performance down to the last ink drop. After all, our quality control and testing departments do not work for us; they work for our customers and have their full satisfaction in mind all the time.


When it comes to our main philosophy, "QUALITY, QUALITY, and QUALITY" would be it, and the proof is on the printed page. DoorStepInk inkjet cartridges are produced under stringent quality-control procedures and strict testing guidelines. We have the best-remanufactured inkjet cartridges on the market.


For many years now Planet Green's ink cartridges have been considered an effective alternative to the expensive OEM cartridges, as well as the flood of sub-par and unreliable remanufactured cartridges on the market today.  DoorStepInk ink cartridges meet the quality and performance of OEM cartridges, but at substantial savings to you.