DoorStepInk Brand For HP 61 Black and Color Remanufactured In USA Ink Cartridges

DoorStepInk Cartridges SKU: DSI-HP-61-1B1C


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Condition: New
Product Type:Inkjet Cartridge
Page Yield/Capacity : Black: 170 | Color: 165
Color: Black and Color
OEM Number: CH561WN and CH562WN
Cartridges Yield Type: Standard Yield

Compatible Printers

HP DeskJet 1000-J110a HP DeskJet 2512 HP Envy 4500 e-All-in-One
HP DeskJet 1000-J110c HP DeskJet 2514 HP Envy 4501 e-All-in-One
HP DeskJet 1000-J110d HP DeskJet 2540 HP Envy 4502 e-All-in-One
HP DeskJet 1000-J110e HP DeskJet 2541 HP Envy 4503 e-All-in-One
HP DeskJet 1000-J110f HP DeskJet 2542 HP Envy 4504 e-All-in-One
HP DeskJet 1010 HP DeskJet 2544 HP Envy 4505 e-All-in-One
HP DeskJet 1050-J410a HP DeskJet 2545 HP Envy 4506 e-All-in-One
HP DeskJet 1050-J410c HP DeskJet 2548 HP Envy 4507 e-All-in-One
HP DeskJet 1050-J410d HP DeskJet 2549 HP Envy 4508 e-All-in-One
HP DeskJet 1050-J410e HP DeskJet 3000-J310a HP Envy 4509 e-All-in-One
HP DeskJet 1055-J410e HP DeskJet 3000-J310c HP Envy 5530 e-All-in-One
HP DeskJet 1510 HP DeskJet 3010 e-All-in-One HP Envy 5531 e-All-in-One
HP DeskJet 1511 HP DeskJet 3011 e-All-in-One HP Envy 5532 e-All-in-One
HP DeskJet 1512 HP DeskJet 3012 e-All-in-One HP Envy 5534 e-All-in-One
HP DeskJet 1513 HP DeskJet 3015 e-All-in-One HP Envy 5535 e-All-in-One
HP DeskJet 1514 HP DeskJet 3016 e-All-in-One HP Envy 5536 e-All-in-One
HP DeskJet 2000-J210a HP DeskJet 3050 HP Envy 5539 e-All-in-One
HP DeskJet 2000-J210b HP DeskJet 3050A e-All-in-One-J611g HP OfficeJet 2620 e-All-in-One
HP DeskJet 2000-J210c HP DeskJet 3050A-J611a HP OfficeJet 4630 e-All-in-One
HP DeskJet 2000-J210d HP DeskJet 3051A e-All-in-One-J611g HP OfficeJet 4631 e-All-in-One
HP DeskJet 2050-J510a HP DeskJet 3052A e-All-in-One-J611g HP OfficeJet 4634 e-All-in-One
HP DeskJet 2050-J510c HP DeskJet 3054A-J611j HP OfficeJet 4635 e-All-in-One
HP DeskJet 2050-J510d HP DeskJet 3054-J610a HP OfficeJet 4639 e-All-in-One
HP DeskJet 2050-J510e HP DeskJet 3056A

DoorStepInk remanufactured HP 61 black and color combo packs are the highest quality replacement ink cartridges on the market. Using only original HP 61 CH561WN black and CH562WN color cartridges, we remanufacture each cartridge to the highest quality standards to match OEM ink level, color, and performance guaranteed!

DoorStepInk is a leader and award-winning recycler of inkjet cartridges.  Since our start in 2000, we have been remanufacturing all our cartridges in the USA at our state-of-art inkjet facility located in California.  Using the latest technology and customized equipment, each cartridge is cleaned, rebuilt, and refilled to produce the highest quality remanufactured ink cartridges in the world.  

By only remanufacturing genuine OEM cartridges, we can extend an empty cartridge’s lifecycle. This allows us to offer you, a high-quality, eco-friendly ink cartridge at the best low price.  We are so confident in our ink cartridges that we back each one with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Surplus OEM Cartridges

Every month we receive thousands of cartridges from various companies that simply have no use for them due to recent upgrades or changes to their printers. We are able to purchase the products at a huge discount so that then we pass on the saving to our customers. Products come to us in all sorts of Conditions: in-box, out-of-the-box, In-bag, out-of-bag, in-date, and expired. Regardless of the Condition you receive the product, we guarantee that it will work just as well as if you purchased it brand new at a higher price.


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