DoorStepInk Remanufactured in the USA Ink Cartridges for HP 63XL Color Twin Pack
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DoorStepInk Remanufactured in the USA Ink Cartridges for HP 63XL 63 XL Color Twin Pack

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DoorStepInk remanufactured HP 63XL color twin pack is the highest quality replacement ink cartridges on the market. Using only original HP 63XL F6U63AN color cartridges, we remanufacture each cartridge to the highest quality standards to match OEM ink level, color, and performance guaranteed!

  • Page Yield: 330
  • Replacement printer ink cartridge for genuine HP 63 & HP 63XL ink
  • Every cartridge is remanufactured in the USA
  • Plug and print for brilliant, sharp, and high-quality printouts
  • Save up to 50% off name-brand ink cartridges
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Environmentally friendly ink cartridges

DoorStepInk is a leader and award-winning recycler of inkjet cartridges.  Since our start in 2000, we have been remanufacturing all our cartridges in the USA at our state-of-art inkjet facility located in California.  Using the latest technology and customized equipment, each cartridge is cleaned, rebuilt, and refilled to produce the highest quality remanufactured ink cartridges in the world.  

By only remanufacturing genuine OEM cartridges, we can extend an empty cartridge’s lifecycle. This allows us to offer you, a high-quality, eco-friendly ink cartridge at the best low price.  We are so confident in our ink cartridges that we back each one with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Compatible Printers that work with HP 63XL & 63 Color Ink

HP DeskJet 2132 HP Envy 4512 e-All-in-One HP OfficeJet 4652 e-All-in-one
HP DeskJet 2134 HP Envy 4513 e-All-in-One HP OfficeJet 4654 e-All-in-one
HP DeskJet 3630 HP Envy 4520 e-All-in-One HP OfficeJet 4655 e-All-in-one
HP DeskJet 3631 HP Envy 4522 e-All-in-One HP OfficeJet 5212
HP DeskJet 3632 HP Envy 4523 e-All-in-One HP OfficeJet 5252
HP DeskJet 3633 HP Envy 4524 e-All-in-One HP OfficeJet 5255
HP DeskJet 3634 HP Envy 4525 e-All-in-One HP OfficeJet 5258
HP DeskJet 3635 HP Envy 4526 e-All-in-One HP OfficeJet 5260
HP DeskJet 3636 HP OfficeJet 3830 HP OfficeJet 5261
HP DeskJet 3637 HP OfficeJet 3831 HP OfficeJet 5262
HP DeskJet 3638 HP OfficeJet 3832 HP OfficeJet 5271
HP DeskJet 3639 HP OfficeJet 3833 HP OfficeJet 5272
HP Envy 4511 e-All-in-One HP OfficeJet 4650 e-All-in-one

Understanding the difference between HP 63 and 63XL color ink?

HP 63XL ink contains more ink than standard HP 63 F6U61AN ink cartridges. This means you can print more pages with the HP 63XL color F6U63AN ink, which yields 330 pages compared to the original HP 63 color ink F6U61AN, which yields 120 pages. Both ink cartridges are the same size, but the HP 63 holds less ink than the 63XL.

Buying eco-friendly, remanufactured HP 63XL ink to replace HP 63 ink will save up to 50% of what you would spend on OEM branded cartridges. High yield cartridges are interchangeable with their standard counterparts. You get more ink at a greater value when buying remanufactured HP 63xl cartridges over genuine HP 63 ink cartridges.

Does the aftermarket HP 63XL black cartridge work with an original HP 63 color F6U61AN cartridge?

Yes! DoorStepInk remanufactured ink cartridges are produced to work alongside genuine OEM printer ink cartridges. If you are not 100% satisfied with how well our inks match OEM color and performance you can return them for a full refund.

What is the difference between HP 63XL Remanufactured Ink Cartridge and HP 63XL Compatible ink?

HP 63XL Compatible cartridges are clones. These are newly built cartridges made from molds using subpar raw materials and components produced to look like the OEM original cartridges.  These cartridges often come from overseas where it is tougher to enforce the intellectual property rights of the original manufacturer. In addition, these printer cartridges can not be recycled and often end up in landfills where it can take thousands of years to decompose. 

Whereas HP 63XL remanufactured ink cartridges are recycled cores from genuine HP 63xl F6U63AN, and HP 63 F6U61AN cartridges. These cartridges are professionally cleaned, rebuilt, and refilled to meet OEM specifications. It takes less energy and natural resources to remanufacture printer ink cartridges than it does to make a compatible ink cartridge.  

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